Sunday, April 3, 2011

Provinssirock, Finland

If your plans are to visit Finland and some of many great festivals there, the Provinssirock festival is one of the best solutions, especially if you're a rock music fan! It is held every summer in the western part of Finland, in a town called Seinäjoki.It is a two days long pleasure filled with music in a beautiful forest.

Artist come from all over the world to play, but there are some local band, as well. This year's attractions are the worldwide famous bands System of a down and Pendulum. As the Finnish bands are concerned, you can see many more or less popular ones, with my personal favourite, Kotiteollisuus. As this festival is growing more heard of, every year more visitors arrive. So, if you want to enjoy some good music and relaxed in a beautiful nature of Finland, Provinssirock is the right place for you!

To get your tickets and find out some more, check the official website.