Sunday, May 1, 2011

Download Festival

So many great festivals await us this summer through out whole Europe, and the question is which one to go to? Well, it all depends on the kind of music you like to listen to, of course. Yet if you are a rock n roll, hard rock, metal, goth, electronic or indie fan you will certainly find the UK's Download Festival a great fun.

There are usually several stages, allowing visitors to move from one stage to another, depending on which bands they want to see. The line-up is one of the best during the festival season, with a great variety of rock &    metal, including many sub-genres.

The first Download Festival was held on the 31st of May and 1 June 2003.  The headliners were Iron Maiden and Audioslave.

So many famous musicians and bands from all over the world can't wait to play for their loyal fans on this huge festival in the UK.  If you like to be surrounded by thousands of people who share the same interest in music as you do, sing with them, drink the best beer and just give in to the beats of a good rock n roll gig, then Download is what you need! It's time to pack your stuff and flee to England. Donnington, here we come!