Saturday, March 19, 2011

46th festival ''The Days Of Mokranjac''

If you feel like some folk poems or maybe some religious notes, plan your trip to a small town of Negotin in the Eastern Serbia and enjoy yourself! Spiritual music is always a good choice for those who are in two minds, so don't think twice but visit the unforgettable and unique festival. There is also a museum and some important monuments to be seen and when the feast is over, you can visit Rajacke Pimnice near Negotin and try different wines from about 270 wine cellars! I am sure you won't regret. 

Through the looking glass, M'era Luna the goth corner of Germany

Emily Autumn
Hey guys!  
Check this out!

The 69 eyes

That's the link to a place of goth fashion, eyeliners, corsets, electro beats and many fantastic grotesque details. It's time to get ready for M'era Luna festival in Deutchland! :D

Germany is famous for its "dark"underground scene. If you like glittering outfit with odd haircut of a cyber vampire as well as electro tunes and doom/goth melodies or just to put it simply if you see yourself as a VAMPIRE (or you just don't see your reflexion in the mirror), yeah, you should be in Hildesheim on the second weekend of August.

 Let the electric open air embrace you!

It's all about glamour and fashion baby!

 Well yes, M'era Luna is not solely a music festival but a fashion show as well or a "modenschav" as Germans would put it :) The show is all about, well you may guess, goth subculture, corsets for men and women, cyber outfits, make up etc.

Stay tuned and start thinking about your perfect outfit for the time is ticking out! 

Be sinister this August ;)