Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Copenhagen Distortion, Copenhagen

Coming to Copenhagen in June? Come prepared for a big explosion of parties and to meet party people like you from all over the world! Copenhagen Distortion is the festival where Copenhagen turns into party-heaven on earth, every year on the first weekend of June. The organizers orchestrate more than 50 parties in more than 50 locations over 5 days, in 5 neighborhoods, with 3 giant block-parties and 32,000 people. The cultural focus is on the newest, the sweetest and the wildest side of street life and nightlife in Copenhagen. Come out and show the world how to party it up in Copenhagen!

When it comes to some certain facts about the festival, ever since 1998 Copenhagen Distortion is Scandinavia’s leading street and nightlife festival, orchestrating 88 dance floors across 5 days of party madness, including four huge block parties and an insane Club Clash programme in spectacular locations (warehouses, museums, sport halls, bridges, old breweries…). The festival is unique, as it is fully mobile. Each day during the festival, Distortion visits a different neighbourhood in Copenhagen, so that both the street programme and the night events (The Club Clashes and Final Party) move through the different city districts, celebrating Copenhagen’s urban space, as much as it celebrates the newest and the wildest aspects of international club culture.

Music of all guises finds a home at this cool festival ranging from hip-hop and techno to the more traditional sounds of rock, folk and jazz. The event also showcases the city's less mainstream art with exhibitions, shows and internet presentations which adds to the festival's ambiance of creativity and youthful energy. 


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