Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Øyafestivalen, Oslo

The Øyafestivalen in Oslo is a major music event in Norway that offers an amazing line-up of internationally known rock and indie bands, singers, and other performers! This annual event takes place in August and without any doubt this is one of the "can't-miss" events when you're flying to Oslo.

Øyafestivalen is an annual Norwegian music festival held in Middelalderparken (lit. the Medieval Park), Oslo. It has grown quickly since its modest start in 1999 with an audience of 1000 people in one day, and has now become one of Norway's biggest festivals.

The festival area in Middelalderparken consists of four main stages (Sjøsiden, Enga, Vika, Odden). More than 80 bands played in the park in 2009. Featuring musicians likeSonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, babyshambles and Franz Ferdinand, the festival currently draws an audience of approximately 60,000 people. The first two years, the festival was held on Kalvøya, near Sandvika just outside of Oslo. After the two initial years, Øyafestivalen was moved to Middelalderparken, downtown Oslo, making it more of a central festival. The festival lasts for four days in Middelalderparken. These days are preceded by a club night where the festival holds concerts in more or less all of Oslo's central clubs.

Official Site:  www.oyafestivalen.com

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